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Mindfulness Is Channelizing Mental Energy To overcome Negativity Of All Kind

Mindfulness is making ideal use of the present by analyzing things and looking at them from a wider perspective with a calm mind. The goal of mindfulness should be to realize that there is no difference between you and me. All differences are superficial.

Mindfulness is also freedom with compassion. From this freedom, arise positivity and creativity. For progress in all spheres of life, we need freedom with compassion, positivity and creativity.

A 13.5 feet monolithic Ganesha At Kurudumale – Mulbagal, Kolar District In Karnataka

The purpose of life is not happiness from an external source. Purpose of life is bliss, which is to be achieved through proper understanding that all form of happiness that we get from external source is like the dewdrop, which disappears quickly.

Difficult situation in life is the result of ignorance. Desire, attachment, greed, anger, jealousy, ego, hatred…etc are some of the common forms of ignorance.

Mindfulness makes us aware of our ignorance and weaknesses.

The scattered, ever-wandering and undisciplined mind needs to be disciplined and balanced.

Mindfulness is also channelizing the mental energy to overcome all forms of negativity. When we are full of emotions, we are blackening out reality. Mindfulness is not becoming slave of emotions; it is making the mind calm and looking things in a holistic way to understand reality.

Abhilash Rajendran