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How To Keep Marriage Exciting Without Compromising On Responsibilities?

After few years, couples complaint about the lack of excitement in marriage. The reason for it is that the couples take things for granted. They enter the settled phase with two kids and many compromises are to be made. Fun is replaced with priorities like paying loans of house and car.

Education of children is another reason for marriage to become monotonous and hectic at the same time. Here are some right moves to keep marriage fun exciting and crackling while fulfilling all the responsibilities of life.

Eat food together. And while eating switch off television and keep mobiles away. Sharing food is the best way to keep a relationship together. Talk and share on the dining table.

Do not lose the ability to laugh together. Watch a TV show together or exercise together.

Never compromise on quality time. Along with children and job this should be a priority. If this is not possible at home, make it a point for both to go shopping or for walking. Do something together every day.

Show interest in each other. Touch your partner regularly. Smile at each other. Call each other by pet names.

Never stop interacting. Share even the smallest joy and worry with your partner.

Make your partner know that he/she is the first person to spring into your mind when there is happiness or trouble.

Stop comparing and looking outward. Value your partner.

Be attractive. Forget your age and responsibilities; always be clean, neat, groomed and attractive to your partner. The attraction should not be limited to the body. Your mind too should be clean and it should not be clogged with remorse and dirt. Always be positive. Stop complaining.

Take a break from relationship. Occasionally, stay away for a couple of days or week. This will help each know the value of the other.

There should be an intimate space and world in which you can share your fantasy and dreams. Give priority to such matters.