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Goddess Singhasani Worshipped In Ganjam District In Odisha

Goddess Singhasani is a powerful manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti and she is worshipped in the Ganjam district of Odisha.

A very popular legend of Maa Singasani says that once a farmer was able to plough his field with tigers and this was possible due to the power, grace and blessing of Goddess Singhasani.

The most famous temple of Goddess Singhasani is situated near the Kasipada Village, which is about 25 kms from Buguda and about 80 kms from Brahmapur. The shrine is in a very lonely place and surrounded by dense forest of sala and teak woods. The shrine is also surrounded by mountains on all sides.

The temple of Goddess Singhasani inside the mountain valley and the Dhanai River is flowing towards Bhabarada.

The shrine is related to Gajapati king Mukunda Deva and the king of Athagada Govinda Chandan Jagdeva. History says that Maa Singhasani was the custodian of the Athagada estate and protected Gajapati Mukunda Deva from the barbarian attacks of Muslim ruler Kalapahad.