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Dreaming Of Quitting Job – Meaning – Dream Of Resigning Job

Dreaming of quitting job is bad as per dream interpretation and meaning. It is believed that after having a dream of resigning job a person might face financial difficulties in life. It also means unexpected problems at workplace. Dreams of resigning job and you are happy means better plans, returning home, new ideas and courage to get out of the rat race.

If you dream of you happily quitting job it means progress and new relationships. Visit to unseen places. You will take risk to make progress. There might danger involved in some of these activities so you need to be careful. 

Dreaming of quitting job with difficulty or after crying is a kind of warning against unexpected problems in life – this includes accidents, fights and loss of something very important. 

Quitting job and fighting with someone means you will not be understood. It also suggests you have been truthful and honest in a place that does not value them. 

Dream of quitting job and meeting someone you know is associated with health issues and missing out on opportunities. 

Some people dream about quitting job after seeing news, reading or watching silly discussions related to job loss in market. Dreams after such incidents have no value. To have a meaning, the dreams have to happen naturally without any influence of day time events.