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Dreaming Of Pregnant Lady – Meaning Of Seeing Pregnant Woman In Dream

Dreaming of pregnant lady is positive as per dream interpretation and meaning. Seeing pregnant woman in dream means you will have your wish fulfilled. It also indicates growth.

Dreaming of pregnant woman walking means you will get new job or you will move to a new desired location.

Dreaming of pregnant woman screaming or giving birth means you will defeat your enemies. You will be able to move ahead in job or studies.

Dreaming of pregnant woman happily talking or in happy mood means you will have your marriage fixed soon. It also means you will find a desirable partner soon.

Dreaming of pregnant woman simply sitting and crying means a family member or relative or friend will give you a bad news. It also means break up.

Dreaming of you talking or walking with pregnant woman means you will decide to be honest and truthful. It also means you will drop evil plans.