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Dreaming Of Police – Meaning

Dreaming of police and whether it is good or bad depends on the situation as per dream interpretation and meaning. If you are meeting police happily and feel good about it then it means you will soon make positive changes in career with a new job or self employment or you will move to a distant location.

Dreaming of you simply seeing police or just watching them means good transformation in your life due to the decision of another person.

Dreaming of you paying fine or meeting an angry policeman means you will not have any control over a future incident.

Seeing police in dream and you seem tensed or you are hiding then it means you might commit some blunder or mistake which might put you in the mercy of others. It is a kind of warning to do your work with utmost care. It also means stick to your work and not to take other people’s work.

When you dream of police or anything similar you should start being careful about your work and activities. You should also be careful about the activities of your enemies.