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Chamarasa – Author of Prabhulinga Leela – Important Literary Work In Virashaivism

It is not clear whether Chamarasa the author of Prabhulinga Leela , an important literary work in Virashaivism, was a mendicant or a devotee of Lord Shiva. But a few external characteristics indicate that he was a contemporary of king Proudhadevaraya of the Vijayanagar kingdom in the 15th century CE.

Prabhulingaleele is a poetical composition in satapadi (six-lined stanza) meter and deals with the life of Allama Prabhu, the head of Anubhava mantapa (the hall of experience), a socio-religious academy founded by Basava and his disciples.

Prabhulinga Leela is a significant work as it gives details about the life of not only Allama Prabhu but other devotees and social reformers such as Akkamahadevi, Basava, Goraksha, Marula Sankaradeva, Muktayakka, etc.

Chamarasa narrates a number of incidents that throw light on the social life of that period, besides elaborating the Virashaiva doctrine. Thus, the work has greater importance from the point of view of the history of Virashaivism.

Though Chamarasa aimed to narrate the life of Allama Prabhu, he highlights the success of Veerashaiva dharma in his work.

Prabhulinga Leela contains 25 chapters and it has been translated into many Indian languages including Sanskrit, Telugu, Tamil and Marathi, besides English and Hindi.