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Chaga – Goat In Vedas

In Rig veda (I.162.23), the goat - Chaga – draws the chariot of Pusan. In later Vedic texts, the goat is occasional associated or identified with Agni, the fire god. One of the epithets of Kartikeya is chagamukha, meaning one of his faces (he is shown with six faces) resembles that of a goat.

The shaktas sacrifice goats in temples on certain occasions, generally black goats are chosen for the purpose. The sacrifice could just as well substitute a portion of the Samana for the goat.

Goat finds mention occasionally in Puranas and Vedas. It is mentioned that the seed which fell from Prajapati transformed into a male-goat. There are incidents in Puranas involving Indra and goat. Goat is also mentioned in Tantric texts both as an animal and as a symbol.