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Baudhayana Dharmasutra

Baudhayana Dharmasutra is a Hindu religious text which contains the codes of conduct as laid down by Sage Baudhayana. The text is regarded as part of Baudhayana Kalpa. It comprises four Prashnas which are further divided into adhyayas. The last Prashna is distinguished from the first three on the basis of language, style and spirit.

The fourth prashna mainly consists of verses, and some of its rules are repetitions and some others anomalous. It is thus a later addition. The tenth Adhyaya of this Prashna is almost identical with the nineteenth Adhyaya of Gautama Dharmasutra; one verse (III.1,1,24) seems to be a quotation from Manusmriti (V.109) and many expressions bear the imprint of a later date. Even the first two Prasnas contain interpolations. The fifth Adhyaya of the second Prashna refers to the nine planetary divinities (Navagrahas) and deities like Durga.

Baudhayana, the author of this Dharmasutra as also of the Grihya Sutra, was the first teacher to attempt a systematic exposition of the Vedic kalpa. Since Baudhayana Dharmasutra has been referred to at two places in Baudhayana Grihya Sutra, its precedence over the latter stands established.  

Baudhayana speaks of himself in the third person or even as “Bhagavan Baudhayana” in one sutra. The sutra containing the latter expression seems to be of doubtful authenticity and may have been retouched or added later by the followers of Baudhayana.