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A Good Deed Is Anything That Can Uplift a Person

While doing good deeds make sure those deeds do not fatten your ego and create hell on earth. If doing good results in strengthening your ego, then it will torment you and show up on all your actions. The pride associated with it will cause your downfall.

In nature, there is selfless giving. We need to be like the tree that bows and drops fruit into our lap without asking.

Giving is not about materialistic thing, even kind and encouraging words are form of giving. It uplifts the mood of a person. A warm hug or smile too is a form of giving.

A good deed is anything that can uplift a person from his/her present state of mind and status.

Communication through speech and deep listening too is a form of giving.

Empathy and sympathetic understanding of all living beings too is a form giving. You are giving out God’s gentle care when you hold hands, hug, smile, and sit with a lonely person.

Another great form giving is your loving presence when it is most required.