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Thoughts And Messages On Vishu And Puthandu Vazthukal – Chithirai 1

Vishu is observed on the first day of Malayalam Month Medam and Puthandu or Tamil New Year is observed on the first day of Chithirai month. Both these are traditional New Year in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The festival is directly associated with agriculture and symbolizes hope, joy and success.

Today there is a trend among many people to say that Vishu and Puthandu were good in the olden days. Such people blame television, internet, economy, fast life, nuclear family...all sort of things. This is a sort of negative thinking which takes the sheen out of the festival. People who make such suggestion forget the youngsters and children. They forget that during their childhood and young days their parents made sure that they be part of the tradition.

Thoughts And Messages On Vishu And Puthandu Vazthukal – Chithirai 1

Instead of talking about the good old days and cursing the present day, the elders should make an attempt to recreate the old tradition and old environment. They should become good guides. They should teach their children the importance of preparing Vishukani, the significance of New Year Kolam, the food prepared on the day etc.

We Hindus have this bad habit of basking in the glory of the past. For many Hindus everything was good only in ancient times. Such people should understand that Hinduism is the only evolving religion in the world. It is the only religion that has assimilated the good in all ages. It has never closed its doors to modern ideas and changes.

When we do not pass on our tradition to the next generation; we are destroying our culture and tradition. It is our duty to make sure that the next generation understands our tradition.

Many in the new generation might show lack of interest but one child in the family will show genuine interest and it is through this child that the family tradition survives.