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Reason For Sita Getting Kidnapped By Ravana

Mata Sita could not have been kidnapped by Ravana had She listened to the words of Lakshman. Demon Maricha in the disguise of a golden dear first tempts Mata Sita. Rama goes after the deer to capture it. The demon is killed by Sri Ram but before dying he cries out loud in the voice of Rama – Ha Sita! Ha Lakshman!

Lakshman and Sita hear the cry. Lakshman is not moved as he knows about the powers of Rama. He is sure that no rakshasa or human or deva could harm his brother.

But Mata Sita was moved by the cry she heard. She started crying and shouting at Lakshman. Her behavior was like that of country-bred women who is ignorant of good manners.

She accuses Lakshman of having no love for Sri Ram.

The worst accusation that Sita hurls at Lakshman is that his intentions are evil and he is hoping to make Sita his wife.

Lakshman reminds calm in spite of such serious accusations. He tries to explain about the prowess of Rama to Sita.

But Sita calls Lakshman 'Anarya'. She states that Lakshman was concealing his evil intentions. She goes on accusing him of wanting to marry her.

Finally hearing so much of abuses and accusations, Lakshman leaves the ashram in search of Rama.

Soon Ravana arrives in grab of a mendicant and kidnaps Mata Sita.