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Quotes On Contentment

What is lacking in the world today is contentment and all the suffering is due to the lack of contentment. Here are few quotes on contentment.

Being what you really are and doing things that give you satisfaction and contentment is true freedom.


There is nothing more horrible than living a borrowed life – trying to ape someone else’s happiness.

Revolution has to happen first in the mind. There should be contentment and happiness without hurting another living being, especially for selfish needs. Only then can meaningful large-scale revolutions take place.

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Even the ones who have it all are not happy. They are insecure. They are unable to break free of the never-ending chain of desire. Contentment is the key.


We have a lot of pressures. Desire pressures, ambition pressures, the pressure to complete a lot of tasks in a day, social pressures, relationship pressures, work pressure and numerous other pressures a person creates…We have become a pressure vessel. But how long can we hold such high pressure before bursting? Reduce the pressure by doing only what you like doing the most.


It is absolutely fine to have flaws. It is fine to be sad. It is fine to fall. It is fine to cry. But realizing our flaws and making an honest attempt to correct it is what is missing among many of us. Instead of being marooned in sadness, we need to swim intelligently and calmly to the shore of happiness. After falling, get up and try to find out the reasons for the fall and make sure we do not repeat the same mistake. Let tears of anger, loneliness, sadness, and frustration flow out so that we can fill them with tears of joy.


Nothing in nature lasts forever. Good will give way to bad, and then again bad will have to give way to good. We suffer because we cling on to the good or bad. We need to let the natural progression happen.


Do not hide pain, anger, and sadness. Loneliness and pain affect us all. When you are hurt by someone or something, you need to accept it. Make the necessary changes instead of suffering the pain repeatedly. Talk it out frankly. Clear all kinds of misunderstandings and grudges. Clear the path and walk along or separately.


Feeling hollow from within and having panic attacks despite of success is due to ignorance – poor understanding of the universal truth. This is due to the attachment to the unreal like wealth, fame etc.

External perfection is too fragile. Trying to maintain external perfection comes with a hefty price. Our aim in life should be internal perfection. It is not fragile. It opens up the gates of bliss. And a bonus of internal perfection is that it also quenches our thirst for external perfection.