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Puja For Good Health

Thanks to unnatural lifestyle of majority of people are facing health issues. Here is a puja for good health.

The puja should be performed early morning after sunrise or during the pradosh period (1.5 hours before sunset).

The murti (picture, photo or painting) of Shiva should be placed on the northeast side of the house on a white color cloth.

The puja should be performed facing northeast.

The person performing puja should wear ash, smoky or slate color clothes.

Take a kalash fill it with water and put some ash and multicolor flowers in it. Close the kalash with a coconut. Keep this near the picture or sculpture or painting of Shiva.

A lamp should be lit using mustard oil. One wick is preferred.

Dhoop or Agarbatti should be of loban (benzoin).

Multi color flowers should be offered.

Offer ash or piece of coal.

Tilak should be of ash or coal.

Offer lemon and clove.

Prepare food with urad dal or black gram. It should be later shared with family members and a married woman.

The mantra Om Kshipa Swaha (ॐ क्षिप स्वाहा ) should be chanted 108 times. The count can be kept on any mala.

The water and other items in the kalash should be deposited under a neem tree.