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Mantra For Young And Attractive Body

Some readers want to know if there is any mantra for young and attractive body. It is believed that offering prayers to Shiva and Parvati will help having an attractive body. Legend has it that Parvati used to be like Kali and she became Gauri or the beautiful one after offering prayers to Shiva. Shiva is always young and attractive.

Mantra Young And Attractive Body
शिवे शंकर सौभाग्ययुक्ते सौभाग्यदायिनि
हरिं कान्तं सौभाग्यं देहि देवी नमोस्तुते ।।
Shive Shankar Saubhagya Yukte Soubhagya Dayini
Hareem Kanteem Cha Saubhagyam Dehi Devi Namostute

The mantra should be chanted 7 times in the morning after taking bath.

Offer prayers to Shiva and Parvati daily and this will help in being attractive and beautiful.

It is also believed that offering prayers to Sri Krishna and Radha will help in youthhood.

You will truly become young and attractive from inside for this you will need to shed ignorance and take to the path of wisdom.