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Mantra For Varicose Veins

Mantra for varicose veins in Hinduism should be chanted for Shiva and Chandra. They both are associated with herbs and good health. Below is a mantra for varicose veins. Chandra is every present on Shiva.

Mantra For Varicose Veins

Om Chandrakanthaya Shivaya Namo Nama

ॐ चंद्रकान्ताय शिवाय नमो नमः 

Intense prayer to Bhagwan Shiva can cure any kind of illness. Just chanting ‘om namah shivaya’ with intense devotion will help in overcoming all kinds of illness. Have unwavering devotion to Mahadev Shiva and everything will be cured.

In Kerala there are temples like Oachira Parabrahma where wooden limbs are offered for cure. These temples have no roof they are situated under a tree. Knowing that you are part of that supreme truth is the best cure.