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Mantra For Upset Stomach

An upset stomach is eating without respecting food. Before eating a food we need to take moment to thank for the food we eat. Here is a mantra for upset stomach which is very common today.

Mantra –
ॐ महादेवाय रुद्राय नम:
Om Mahadevaya Rudraya Namah

Chant this mantra daily in the morning after drinking a glass of warm water.

Chant the mantra 108 times facing the rising sun. The mantra should also be chanted in the evening just before sunset.

When eating do not eat to the full leave some space for Bhagavan. This space should be empty. Fill next quarter with water – life force. Only eat half stomach and the food should be warm.

We must understand there is an energy field around each human body. Due to our actions we diminish the energy field and this causes numerous diseases to the human body.