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Mantra For Own House

Mantra for own house in Hinduism is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi. The mantra should be chanted in the morning hours after sunrise. Here is the mantra for own house.

Om Mahalakshmaye Vidmahe Gruham Sutanvitah Shanti
ॐ महालक्ष्म्यै विद्महे गृहम सुतान्वितः शांति 

The mantra should be chanted 108 times facing the sun.

The mantra should be chanted for 44 days.

Feeding cow, ants, fishes, birds and other animals helps in solving own house related problems.

It is also highly meritorious to plant trees and take care of them. All these actions along with the mantra help in creating a positive aura. This positive energy helps with house building.