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Mantra For Offering Naivedyam

Mantra for offering naivedyam should start with om and end with swaha. The name of the deity should be put in between. Here is the mantra for offering naivedyam.

Shiva – Om Shivaya Swaha – Naivedyam Samarpayami – Om
शिवा - ॐ शिवाय स्वाहा - नैवेद्यम समर्पयामि - ॐ 

Vishnu – Om Vishnu Vishnave Hari Om – Naivedyam Samarpayami – Om
विष्णु - ॐ विष्णु विष्णवे हरी ॐ - नैवेद्यम समर्पयामि - ॐ 

Ganesha – Om Omkaraya Ganapathaya Swaha – Naivedyam Samarpayami – Om
गणेशा - ॐ ओमकाराय गणपतये स्वाहा  - नैवेद्यम समर्पयामि - ॐ 

Lakshmi – Om Mahalakshmaye Namasthubhyam – Naivedyam Samarpayami – Om
लक्ष्मी - ॐ महालक्ष्म्यै नमस्तुभ्यं - नैवेद्यम समर्पयामि - ॐ 

Durga – Om Durga Durgeshu Swarmangale – Naivedyam Samarpayami – Phat swaha
दुर्गा - ॐ दुर्गा दुर्गेषु स्वरमंगले - नैवेद्यम समर्पयामि - फ़ट स्वाहा 

Saraswati – Om Saraswati Swarvakarunaye – Naivedyam Samarpayami – Om

सरस्वती - ॐ सरस्वती सर्वकारुनाये - नैवेद्यम समर्पयामि - ॐ 

More than mantra what is most important while offering naivedyam is devotion and cleanliness. All Naivedyam after offering should be shared with animals or fish or ants etc.