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Know Your Thoughts To Control Them

Thoughts happen when external materials trigger already inherent internal responders. Thoughts can happen only when the internal responders are triggered.

Our likings, inclinations and interests trigger thoughts.

Copper Mask of Indra, the king of Devas, 13th  Century CE - Nepal
All thoughts are the result of our Vasanas – subconscious inclination; conditioning, tendencies, or self-limitations; predispositions and habits.

To control the thoughts we need to dive deeper into the world of Vasanas and regulate them.

Next is detachment from the Vasanas. This can be achieved through constant practice by not letting Vasanas to rise up in the mind.

You should reach such a situation that thoughts cannot make any impact. They are beyond the boundaries. The moment it appears it is thrown out or put down with a firm foot.

A worldly person can stop here, as thoughts are necessary to make a living in the world. Now the worldly person knows which thought should be nurtured and which should be quelled. All negative thoughts should be thrown out and only positive thoughts should be given space.

Next is the complete death of thought. When thought dies, there is no mind.

Next a person completely detaches from the body.

Next the person has no feeling of body – the person does not even exist. Other might see the person but the person has merged in the Supreme Silence – such people are known as Avadhuta.

In the next step, the person is no longer the drop but the ocean. There is no seeker and sought. There is only sat chit ananda.