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Kalinath Kaleshwar Mahadev Temple In Himachal Pradesh

Kalinath Kaleshwar Mahadev temple is located around 16 kms from Pragpur and around 45 kms from Kangra town in Himachal Pradesh. The main temple which enshrines the ancient Shivling was originally made of dressed stone but it has now been whitewashed. The shivling is exceptional in that it lies beneath the ground.

A long winding road from Pragpur crisscrossing pretty villages ends at the edge of a ridge overlooking the Beas River. Perched precariously on a barren hillock lies the ancient temple of Kaleshwar Mahadev.

Legend has it that Uma, the divine consort of Shiva, sat here in a trance for 12,000 years to attain moksha. Pleased, Shiva granted the wish of Goddess to build a temple at the site.

The samadhis of many saints like Mahan Gomti Nath, Mai Ganga Giri, Swami Krishna Nand, Swami Bodha Nand lie near the steps leading to the Beas River. The samadhis are in a dilapidated condition.

Just ahead of the temple complex is a tank which legends date to the Dwaparyug. Apparently, the Pandavas carried water from the five holy places of Haridwar, Prayag, Ujjain, Nasik and Trimbakeshwar and poured it into this tank. During festivals and other important dates thousands of devotees take holy dip in the tank.