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Dreaming Of Kheer – Meaning

Meaning of Dreaming of kheer depends on situation as per dream meaning and interpretation. Meaning of eating kheer is associated with success and change of luck. Dreaming of you getting too much kheer means you will face difficulties in life soon and it might stress you out.

Dreaming eating watery kheer and it spreading on hands and face means you will go into deep depression due to the activity of family members. It also means problems in romance. Your partner might break up with you.

Dreaming of you throwing kheer or wasting it means there will be bad luck and difficulties in life.

Dreaming of colorful kheer means you will soon meet people with high expectations and you will be disappointed.

Dreaming of you sharing kheer means that you will get success in studies or professional matters.

Dreaming of kheer after watching them in real or on television or talking about them during daytime have no meaning. The dream should happen without any daytime influence.