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Dreaming Of Incense Sticks – Meaning

 Meaning of dreaming of incense sticks is considered a negative sign and bad omen as per dream interpretation. It means that soon you will have to give up the current lifestyle. It also means that a problem may be financial or relationship related, will slowly disrupt your life and it will completely overturn your life.

Dreaming of several incense sticks in an unknown place means you will turn spiritual or try to escape from problems taking refuge in religion.

If you are dreaming of incense sticks and you are happy then it means you will go and spend more time in nature with flowers. It also means that you might opportunity taste sweet smelling food. It means you need to explore more things.

Dreaming of incense sticks burning and you are unable to see anything means there will be soon accident or death to someone dear to you. It also means you will be lost and will be unable to find your destination.