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Dreaming Of Hair Cut – Meaning - Cutting Hair

Dreaming of hair cut can be both good and bad as per dream meaning and interpretation. Cutting hair dream means use of physical strength and spiritual strength in near future. You might have to physically stop a human being or animal. It also means that you might lose something that was used for seduction (attracting opposite sex).

Dreaming of cutting of hair also means loss of freedom. You might face trouble from family members or authorities. You might also end up in prison like situation due to some activity of yours.

For those in authority dreaming of cutting hair means loss of all powers and you will be stripped of your authority.

Dreaming of cutting hair also means so problems with your spouse or partner. It might mean no sexual relations with them. 

Dreaming of you willingly allowing hair cut and enjoying it or being happy means you will become more disciplined and will give up bad habits, bad friendship and bad behavior.