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Dreaming Of Elephant – Meaning

Dreaming of elephant is a positive dream and it is associated with change of fortune and desire fulfillment. The meaning depends on the activities of the elephant in the dream.

Seeing simply an elephant in dream means that you will change in financial matters. Luck will be in your favor. Seeing a white elephant means you will win lottery or will get a large sum of money. But seeing a thin or impoverished elephant means you will see financial damage.

Seeing elephant trampling or destroying things means you will face losses due to natural calamity like rain, flood, earthquake or fire. It also might mean loss of wealth due to bad investments.

Seeing elephant running means you will need to be careful about all your activities.

Seeing elephant attacking you means you need to change way you are behaving with others. You need to be more kind and gentle or you will face problems.

Dreaming of elephant sitting means you will enter into a face of depression or tiredness or stress.

Dreaming of elephant dying is associated with sickness and diseases in family.

Seeing elephant in festivals means you will have desire fulfillment.

Please note that a dream to have a meaning it should happen naturally. Not after talking or thinking intensely about elephant or watching or seeing something related to elephant during day time or just before going to sleep.