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Champavati Temple In Chamba Town – Himachal Pradesh - History

The presiding deity in the Champavati Temple in Chamba Town, Himachal Pradesh, is Mahishasuramardini. The shrine is a shikhara style temple with wheel roof and stone carving.

Chamba Champavati Temple History

The 11th century stone shikhara temple was built by Sahila Varman for his daughter of the same name. The story goes that Champavati developed great faith in a sage who lived the spot where the current temple is located. Her father grew suspicious of her frequent visit to the home of the sage. One day, unable to contain himself any longer, the king charged into the home of the holy man, his sword drawn, ready to avenge honor.

The house was empty and still. As the Raja stood bemused, a disembodied voice broke the silence. Champavati and the sage had transcended into another realm. It is said, to punish the king of his lack of trust. Now, to prevent further misfortune, he was instructed to build a temple to Champavati where he stood.

Another story suggests that the temple is named for the many champak flowers that grow here.

The interior and exterior walls of the temple are noted for its exquisite stone sculptures. The temple is under the jurisdiction of Archeological Survey of India (ASI).