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Andalur Kavu Temple History In Kannur – Kerala – Daivathar Of Andalurkavu

Andalurkavu Temple is located at Andalur in Dharmadam Village in Kannur district, Kerala. The main deity worshipped in the temple is Daivathar. The deity is popularly known as Andalur Daivam. Here is a look at the history of Andalur Kavu Temple.

The main pratishta in the temple is a peedam of Maram or wood. As per history, a Mannathi had got the murti from a river and it was worshipped as Sri Rama sankalpam in Panoli Tharavadu.

Apart from the main murti of Sri Rama in the form of Daivathar, Lakshmana is worshipped as Akakkaran. Hanuman, worshipped as Bappuran, is the Upa Devata. Hanuman faces west and Sri Rama faces east.

It is believed that the temple was under the control of the Pandya kings in the beginning.

Andalur Kavu is one among the six important Daivathar Kavu(kal) in North Malabar. The other five are Urpazhassikavu, Mavilakavu, Kappattukavu, Paduvilakavu and Koodalikavu.

During Theyyam, Sri Rama wears Ponmudi. Thira (also theyyam or theyyattam) is the main ritual of worship.

The temple belongs to Panoli, Chandrambathu and Thattaiyathu. Andalur Kavu Temple has two places of worship - Mele Kavu (upper temple) and Thazhe kavu (lower temple).

The main festival in the temple is observed in Kumbham month. More than ten theyyams are performed here during the festival which is held for seven days during the third week of February. Among them the theyyam named Daivathaar is the most important one. Devotees consider Daivathaar as a channel or medium of Sri Rama. Yuddha kanda of Ramayana is performed as theyyam here and this is very rare.