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Solah Shringar List - 16 Singar For Bride In Hinduism

Solah Shringar is the sixteen symbols of love and fertility worn by married Hindu women. It is an important aspect of Hinduism. Symbolically it suggests that Devi resides in female body. The 16 Singar are of great significance for many Hindu communities.

The Solah Shringar are:
  1. Red dot on forehead (bindi)
  2. Mangalsutra (sacred marriage thread)
  3. Turmeric paste
  4. Fragrant flowers
  5. Perfumes
  6. Betel leaves chewed
  7. Black beauty spot on the face
  8. Kohl for eyes
  9. Mehandi on the hand
  10. Red dye on the feet
  11. Brightly colored sari or dress
  12. Jewelry on the hair (hairpins, tiara etc)
  13. Jewelry like nose ring, necklaces and earrings
  14. Jewelry on the waist (Cummerbund)
  15. Jewelry on arms, finger and hands
  16. Jewelry on feet