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Ravana Offered His Tens Heads To Shiva In This Temple

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Baijnath Temple is located on the Pathankot-Chakki-Manali National Highway and is around 20 km from Palampur in Himachal Pradesh. It is believed that demon king Ravana in the Ramayana offered his ten heads to Shiva here.

Shiva was pleased with the devotion of Ravana and decided to accompany him in the form of a Shivling to Lanka. Ravana carried the Shivling from the Himalayas but when he reached the area near Baijnath, he needed to answer nature’s call. Ravana handed the Shivling to a shepherd and went to answer nature’s call. The Shepherd could not carry the huge weight for a long time and he placed it down. This Shivling is worshiped in the Baijnath Temple.

Ravana then started performing a very harsh and intense penance. Shiva did not appear before him. Then Ravana started cutting his tens heads. He made them as offering to Shiva in the Havan Kund or sacrificial fire.

Shiva was pleased with the unwavering devotion of Ravana and blessed him with great powers. Lord Shiva also restored his ten heads.