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Madhav Rai Temple In Mandi – Himachal Pradesh

Madhav Rai Temple in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, was first built by Raja Suraj Sen. Like Jagat Singh of Kullu, and almost at the same time, Raja Suraj Sen of Mandi gave up his throne to the divine power, choosing to rule as a regent. Bhagavan Krishna or Madhava Rai was the God he entrusted his kingdom to.

There is a beautiful murti of Madhav Rai made of silver in the temple.

The Mandi Madhava Rai Temple has the following inscription –

Bhima the goldsmith made this irreproachable image of the blessed discus-bearer, the master of all gods, Sri Madhava Rai in the reign of Suray Sen the king, destroyer of his rivals ….

In construction, the temple does not resemble a traditional shrine. The murti of Madhava Rai, along with other gods including Ganesha, is enshrined in a simple room in modern-looking temple.

The two signs of the significance of the temple are the lovely though faded paintings along the arches of the temple and the exquisitely decorated silver door that guards the deity.