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Kuan Rani Temple At Mandi Town – Himachal Pradesh – Story – History

Kuan Rani temple, also known as Khua Devi temple, is built on a gentle slope by the Beas River in Mandi town, Himachal Pradesh. The story and history of the Khua Devi temple is associated with Princess Tara. The name Kuan Rani because the temple is in the shape of a well. Kuan or Khua means 'well' and Rani means princess.

The temple is significant as devotees have to climb down into the inner sanctum sanctorum, where two triangular shaped shila or murti representing Princess Tara and Guru Padmasambhava are worshipped.

Khua Devi Temple History

It is believed that a king of Mandi punished his daughter, Princess Tara, for what he believed was an unholy alliance with Guru Padmasambhava, a Tantric master. They both were buried alive at the spot where the Khua Devi temple stands.

When the king realized his mistake and came to rescue the princess, she had transcended into a higher realm as Goddess Tara Devi.

The temple is a classic example of the intermingling of Buddhism and Hinduism in Himachal Pradesh.