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Kadirur Suryanarayana Temple Near Thalassery In Kannur - Famous For Swayamvara Pooja

Kadirur Suryanarayana Temple is located on the Thalassery – Kuthuparamba road and is around 8 km from Thalassery in Kannur district, Kerala. The temple is famous for Swayamvara Pooja for early marriage and Navagraha puja for solving Jataka Dosham.

The main murti worshipped in the temple is a Vishnu murti in Surya Narayana Sankalpam. The deity in the temple faces east. The murti in the temple holds shankh, chakra, gada and padma (lotus). The murti is carved in Krishna Shila.

The Upa Devatas worshipped in the temple are Shiva, Ganapathy and Ayyappan.

Story Of Kadirur Suryanarayana Temple

The temple is associated with Ramayana and Bhagvan Sree Rama. On his way to Lanka in search of Goddess Sita, Sree Rama visited the region and consecrated murtis of Murugan or Subrahmanya in temples at Makreri and Peralassery. People living in Kadirur too wanted Sree Rama to visit their place and help them. They performed intense penance. Pleased with their devotion, Sree Rama came to Kadirur and blessed them. Sree Rama felt the presence of Bhagavan Surya (Sun God) in Kadirur and installed the murti of Surya Narayana here.

Before the battle against Ravana, Sree Rama developed many doubts and was confused. To help Sree Rama, Sage Agastya taught him the Aditya Hridaya Stotra – hymn glorifying Surya. Sree Rama became battled prepared after chanting the stotra. It is believed that this incident happened at Kadirur. After defeating Ravana, Sree Rama came back to Kadirur and consecrated the murti of Surya Narayana.

Kadirur is abbreviated from the Malayalam word Kadiravapuram means ‘the land of sun.’ Another belief is that the place was known as Kathiravan Uru and it was abbreviated to Kadirur.

Swayamvara Pooja And Navagraha Puja

Swayamvara puja for early marriage is held in the temple on all Mondays. It is said that before performing the puja for three or four Mondays, the marriage of the individual is fixed.

Devotees offer prayers here to better the Surya Dasha Kalam in their horoscope. As Surya, is the king of Navagrahas, people visit the temple to overcome all kinds of problems in their horoscope. Navagraha puja is held on the second Saturday of every month.

Kadirur Suryanarayana Temple Timings

5:00 AM to 11:00 AM
5:00 PM to 8:00 PM 

Kadirur Suryanarayana Temple Festivals

  • The annual festival is observed annually from February 25 to March 2. The festival ends with Ratholsavam through the village.
  • Puna Prathishta festival is held on March 1 annually.
  • Mandala Mahotsavam begins on the first day of Vrischikam month and ends on the 10th day of Dhanu Masam.
  • The other festivals observed in the temple are Shivratri, Rohini nakshatra in Medam month and Navratri. Bhagavathi Seva is held on the last Friday of every Malayalam month.
  • Thiruvonam nakshatra is of great significance in the temple. Ottu is held on Thiruvonam nakshatra in all months. Sadya is held on Thiruvonam in Chingam month.

The temple is noted for its mural paintings and wooden sculptures (daru shilpam). The wooden sculptures are based on Dashavatar. There is a pond in front of the temple which is more than an acre.