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Thiruvangad Temple Festival 2024 – Thiruvangad Sree Rama Swamy Temple

Thiruvangad Sree Rama Swamy temple is located near Thalassery in Kerala. The 7-day annual festival begins on Vishu in Medam month. Thiruvangad temple festival 2024 date is April 14 to April 20.

Prathishta murti in the temple is Vishnu but is worshipped as Sree Rama. The murti worshipped here is of Sree Rama after killing demon Khara. The murti is chatur bahu or with four hands. The murti is nearly 6 feet tall. Shankh and Chakra are different from the normal murtis of Vishnu.

The roof of the temple is covered in copper and there are two Swarga Thazhikakudam (gold plated)

The Upa Devatas worshipped in the temple are Sri Porkali, Ganapathy, Subramania, Hanuman and Sastha.

The temple has beautiful sculptures based on Dashavatar and on important incidents from the Ramayana.

During festival evenings, the utsava murti of Sree Rama is taken on elephant back for the ezhunnallathu (procession). After the procession, the murti is kept in the Kazhakappura inside the temple premises.

On the last two days of the festival, a special ceremony called Mothiram Vechu Thozhal, an offering by placing a gold ring on a piece of banana leaf, is held.

Kathakali, Chakyarkoothu, and other traditional temple art forms are performed on all days. Chakyarkoothu, one of the classical art form of Kerala, is performed in this temple as a part of rituals and the Mani Chakyar family traditionally holds the right to perform it.

More than 11 elephants participate in the procession. The caparisoned elephants standing line with muthukuda atop in evening and night is a feast for the eyes.

The temple also observes Pattathanam on the Thiruvonam nakshatra Malayalam month of Makaram (January-February).

The main offerings in the temple are Valiyavatta Payasam and Poorna Kalabham.

It is believed that the murti in the temple was consecrated by Parashurama. This is mentioned in Kerala Mahatmyam. Another legend has it that the prathishta in the temple was performed by Shweta Maharishi.

When the prathishta was performed the area was a forest. People gave the name Shwetaranyapuram (white forest) to the area. The Malayalam name of the place was Thiruvenkadu and this later became Thiruvangad.

The temple existed before 800 AD as there is evidence that the temple was rebuilt in 826 AD.

Tipu Sultan had destroyed the chuttu mathil or the temple compound wall. In 1766 when Hyder Ali attacked north Kerala, Chirakkal king had taken refuge in the temple.

Kizhakedam Shiva temple is a subsidiary temple of Thiruvangad Temple.