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Gold Waist Band In Hindu Religion Worn by Women – Why Hindu Women Wear Kardhani?

Waist band, also known as Kardhani, is an ornament worn only during marriage or during important functions by Hindu women. It is not an essential ornament in Hindu religion. It is also associated with menstrual cycle of women.

The ornament is worn on the waist by women. It is usually made of gold. Some Hindu women in south India used to wear it regularly like other ornaments. But today it is confined to important functions. It is now mainly worn by the bride on marriage day.

Why Hindu Women Wear Kardhani?

It is believed that gold waist band or Kardhani helps in controlling menstrual cramps. It is also believed in helping in having a smooth menstrual cycle. Indirectly it is related to conception – to help the women in conceiving easily.

Very rarely silver waist bands were used in ancient times. It is believed that it helped in controlling belly fat. It was also used after pregnancy to keep the stomach tight.

Warrior women are believed to have hid swords in the form of waist band.