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Dreaming Of Getting Married – Meaning

Dreaming of getting married is both positive and negative sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream is very common dream and it is directly connected to unfulfilled desires regarding romance and marriage. It also means you can expect change in your relationship status soon. Dreams of getting married and you wake up terrified or sad means you will be forced to get married against your wishes and thus your dreams or career will be impacted.

Dreaming of getting married and you are happy means you will have your romantic dreams fulfilled and might get married to the desired partner.

Dreaming of getting married and it is to a known already married person, and then it means some kind of trouble in future especially to married life. It also means you will get into unwanted relationships in near future.

Dreaming of getting married and you have no inclination to get married and seeing the dream means you might get into a relationship that will not be to your liking.

Dreams of getting married and it is taking place at an unknown place with no one around means you will decide to take a relationship to next level and might get married or live together with your partner without informing your family.

Please note that the dream to have a meaning it should happen naturally without any day time influence. Thinking or talking about getting married during daytime or before sleeping and then having the dream has no meaning.