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Cooking Oil Falling Down Accidentally – What It Means In Hindu Astrology?

Cooking oil falling down and spreading on the floor accidentally is considered inauspicious or bad in Hindu astrology. As per Hindu astrology and beliefs, falling of oil from hand and spreading on floor means there will be financial damage, stoppage of wealth or unexpected expenditure. Please note that such beliefs are only followed in some regions and not all Hindus follow them.

Cooking oil falling down and spreading means Goddess Lakshmi is angry. It also indicates the arrival of Alakshmi in the house.

Parihara - What to do if cooking oil spreads accidentally?

  • Keep the house neat and clean.
  • Give away all kinds of unwanted items.
  • The first roti or important food prepared should be given to a cow or dog.
  • Never allow beggars to go away from home without receiving alms.
  • Donate yellow color fruits to children.
  • Plant a fruit-bearing tree in the garden. If there is no space, plant the tree in an open free space and take care of it.