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Changdev Pasashti In Marathi – Advice By Sant Dnyaneshwar to Changdev

Changdev Pasashti is a text on Natha tradition in Marathi. The Marathi religious book consists of sixty five verses. The subject matter of the text is the advice of the great Marathi Saint Jnaneshwar (1271 – 93 AD). The advice was given by Sant Dnyaneshwar to Changadeva, the author of the text. Changdev was a famous hatha yogi.

Subject Matter Of Changdev Pasashti

Changdev Pasashti describes the philosophy of the Natha spiritual tradition, called Chidvilasa. The tradition looks upon the world of objects as a manifestation of the basic reality of Lord Shiva called Chit.

The common man, in daily life, sees only the manifest world and not the Chit underlying it.

In actuality, the chit alone exists, but it appears to take various forms.

Just as the weaves on the surface of water are indistinct from the water itself, and ornaments in all their variety are gold itself, similarly the manifest world is in reality the Chit only.

All variety is actually the play, i.e, vilasa of the chit.

When the fact of Chidvilasa is realized, says Jnanadeva to Changdev the duality between them vanishes. The ‘I-ness’ itself vanishes, and one sees only ‘one-ness’, i.e. samarasata. With the vanishing of the ‘I’ and ‘you’, no words arise, and speech ends in silence.

In the end Jnanadeva says that in the form of the sixty-five verses he was sending to Changdev a very juicy, tasty sweet specially prepared by his won Guru, Nivruttinath. It should be swallowed and enjoyed, so that the highest state of self-realization or emancipation can be achieved in this very life.

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