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Blue Dye Plant Neel in Hinduism – Indigo Uses in Hindu Astrology – Neel Totke

As per Hinduism, Neel (blue dye plant or Indigo) is a plant that grows even in the graveyard (smashaan). It searches for life even among the dead and therefore it is considered auspicious in Hindu astrology. You can read some important neel totke below. The use of Neel in Hinduism is mostly associated with Tantra.

Symbolism of Neel Plant in Hindu Religion

Symbolically, the neel plant suggests that there is life after death. Death is not the end but the journey to next life.

Indigo Plant - Neel Saraswati and Devi Chinnamasta

The plant is associated with Neel Saraswati in Tantra. It is also associated with Devi Tara. Devi Tara is the tantric form of Maa Saraswati, the Goddess of learning and art. The color is also associated with Devi Chinnamasta.

When neel is associated with Devi Tara it is positive and reveals Tantric secrets.

When it is associated with Devi Chinnamasta it is negative and delves into the world of black magic.

Neel and Rahu Navgraha

Neel is also associated with Rahu, the malefic Navgraha in Hindu religion.

As per some school of thought, Rahu is blue in color because Neel Saraswati has control over him.

Another school of thought has it that Rahu is blue because Devi Chinnmasta has control over him.

Important Neel Totke – Small Process or Solutions Using Neel

  • To avoid bad luck and for better prospects in life, mix neel in sesame oil (Til ka tel) and light a lamp using it before Neel Saraswati.
  • For financial luck and for luck in lottery, mix akshata with neel and offer it to Devi Chinnamasta.
  • Moon god (Chandra) will be pleased, if white color cloth is dipped in neel and offered. This will help in achieving mental peace.
  • To get rid of Vastu Dosh, when swabbing (pocha) house mix a small amount of neel and sea salt.
  • Mixing neel and painting a wall will help in keeping out all forms of financial difficulties. Alakshmi will not visit such homes. This is performed especially during Diwali.
  • To get rid of bad luck make upside down Swastik using neel outside the house.
  • Washing toilet using neel will help in get rid of Rahu dosha (difficulties in life due to the bad positioning of Rahu Navgraha in horoscope or janam kundali).
  • Making rangoli in front of house using neel and white mortar (choona) will keep away Alakshmi.
  • Mixing neel in water used in toilet (especially flush) will help in avoiding financial difficulties.
  • Mix neel, sea salt, tambaku and metal tin. Take it to a graveyard and bury it. This will help in achieving a healthy and long life.