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Vemana Teachings

A collection of teachings of Vemana.

The whole world is my house and I am the world.

If you are in search of reality or truth, there are not any mantras or Tantras to attain salvation. This whole universe is God, the power is Goddess. Both are staying in your body happily. God is love and peace. If you want to see them go and serve the Jeeva Rasi (human being, beasts creatures and other all pranis). There is no greater service than the service.

In this universe everything is personification of God.

Man is not happy due to selfishness, self deception and due to indifference to truth.

Only that man is a living man who feels the sufferings of his fellow men as his own. And when such a living man meditates upon the meaning of this life and the life hereafter, he becomes a supreme human being.

All the articles essential for man’s existences have their source in the earth. All philosophies arise out of the human mind. It is human labour that produces everything.

Mean people look down upon a man who tells truth. Truth must never be spoken when dealing with such people. Tell the truth only when you are the presence of truthful men.

Give the life-sustaining things when there is life in the body. No charity can help once the life ceases. Of what avail can the good things of life be after death?

Charity with a pure heart even if it be small, is good. Isn’t the seed of banyan small listen Vema, the beloved one.

A lamp if supplied with oil, flames properly; a light devoid of oil expires. Thus when the body ceases to live our thoughts perish with it.

Like a fish in the water that perishes to a delicious bait, man perishes due to worldly desires.

He who easily gives up to the pleasures of passion and lust cannot exercise firmness of mind. He shall be ruined soon like a tree on the riverbank.