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Success in Life Depends On Self-Discipline

We are surrounded by such comforts and gadgets that even the greatest emperor of the ancient world would be jealous of us. We have made a lot of materialistic progress and we have gadgets that have made our lives easy. But are we happy? Are we content? Do we make good use of the resources available with us? If the answer is no, then we are not disciplined. Self-discipline is necessary for success in life. Discipline is necessary to have a peaceful, healthy and happy life. It is essential to make good use of all resources available to us.

Success in Life Depends On Self-Discipline

Waking up early in morning makes life a whole lot easy. It gives us the extra time in the morning to prepare for the job and office. We can also find the extra time to exercise, meditate and to keep our house neat and clean. Wake up half an hour before sunrise, and you will notice several changes in your life – you will be punctual, you will feel healthier and you will find your house more appealing as you will be investing time to make it look pretty.

When we do not have self-discipline, we procrastinate. Work piles up, this causes stress and tension. We become less efficient. Our competitors take advantage of it. Therefore do not postpone work, however small it is. Whether it is the personal job, career related or simple household work, make sure it is finished on time. Break work into small units and keep deadlines. Stick to them.

Eat right. Exercise. Do not eat something too much just because you like it. Fill your plate with colorful vegetables and fruits. Do not fill your stomach with junk. Divide your stomach into four parts, fill two parts with food, one part with liquid and leave a part empty. Avoid eating at night. Discipline in eating means you are investing in good health. It helps in overcoming long-term health problems. This also makes sure that you have less financial damage.

Be organized

Keep all important papers and receipts filed in a proper place. Write down dates of important payments. Make sure you get a message in advance regarding due date of investments.

Keep all important phone numbers written down. Keep them in a visible place.

Have strict financial discipline. Do not spend all that you earn. Do not take extra financial burden like investing in a property when you already have a loan on another property. Make use of wealth efficiently. Save for future. But do not be the miser. Enjoy life by making use of a part of your wealth.

Respect relationships. If you have promised something, make sure you fulfill it. Find time for your family. Do not make promises that you cannot fulfill. Do not give high expectations.

If you have fallen into the deep hole of depression, loneliness, and self-hatred, the right way to come out of it is by disciplining your life. Be honest with yourself. Solve one issue at a time. Stop doing things to impress, do it for yourself. Get disciplined to make your life happy and peaceful. When you are happy, you become the flower and soon bees and butterflies come searching.

We all have dreams and they remain as dreams. Why? Because we do not make the effort to fulfill our dreams. We have thousands of reasons. Find time to work on your dream. For this, again, you need to be disciplined.

Sleep well. Get good sleep. Limit parties, friends, and long night programs. Switch off the television and the internet at 9:00 PM. Make sure you hit the bed at the right time so that you are ready to wake up early in the morning.

Peaceful, healthy, prosperous and happy life comes at a cost and that cost is self-discipline.

Do not see self-discipline as a joy killer. It is the right investment for a bright present and even brighter future.

Abhilash Rajendran