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Story Of Muthappan – Story Of Parassinikadavu Muthappan – Kirathamoorthy Shiva

Muthappan, a manifestation of the Kirathamoorthy form of Shiva, is widely worshipped in North Kerala and in many other regions. Here is the story of Muthappan popular worshipped as Parassinikadavu Muthappan.

ChildLess Couple Blessed With Child By Kirathamoorthy Shiva

Once there lived a couple named Ayyangara Devan Namboodiri and Parvati Kutti (Padikutti in local dialect). They belonged to the Eruvasseri Aiyangara Illam near Payyavoor in North Kerala. The couple led an unhappy life as they did not have any children.

To have a child, the couple intensely worshipped the Kirathamoorthy in Payyavoor.  

One midnight Kiratha Shiva appeared before Parvati Kutti and told her that she will be blessed with a child very soon.

The next day she went to take bath in Eruvasheri River. She heard an unusual sound of anklet in the place. She took dip three times in the river. When she came out of the river she saw a baby atop a rock moving his hands and legs and playing.

She could not believe her eyes and her happiness knew no bounds. She picked up the baby and took her to her home. The rock in which the baby was found came to be known as Terunettikallu.

The couple did not bother about the caste or creed of the child and brought him up like a Brahmin child. His Upanayana sanskar was performed.

Child Becomes A Rebel

But as the child grew up he began to venture into the forest and mingled with people whom Brahmins did not mingle with. He began to hunt animals and birds and eat them. He got hunted animals to the house and started roasting them.

Other Brahmins of the area began to ridicule the couple. People in the house started to scold the boy especially his father. One day fed up with the scolding, the boy produced a third eye in his forehead and in anger looked around the house. All the trees and plants in the vicinity got burnt down.

Parvati Kutti realized that her son is no human being but the avatar of Keerta Murthy Shiva that she was worshipping.

When Muthappan directed his looks at father, mother pleaded to the son to stop staring and closed his eyes with her hand. She asked him to wear a gentler look with ‘Vellikannu’ (silver eye) shedding your ‘Trikkanu’ (third eye). Even today, the man who wears the mantle of Valiya Muthappan in Theyyam performance wears the ‘vellikannu’ in remembrance of this divine incident.

The boy told his mother that it is time for him to bid adieu from the house. He then left for Kunnathurpadi Mountain.

Journey Of Muthappan To Free Poor And Downtrodden 

With bow and arrow as mighty weapon, Muthappan with his entourage set off to the forest with a great pack of hunting dogs. They reached the pinnacle of a hill called Kunnathur paddi. He organized the poor people and taught the methods of worship.

The Name Muthappan Is First Uttered 

One day Muthappan climbed up a palm tree and stole and drank some toddy. Enraged at this, Chandan took his bow and narrow and attacked Muthappan. Muthappan looked at him with his divine eyes and he immediately turned into a stone.

Wife of Chandan came searching for her husband and found him in the form of a stone. She let out a wild cry calling, ‘Oh, my Muthappa…’ She promised to make various offerings to get back her husband. The word ‘Muthappan’ was first pronounced by this woman devotee.

From there he traveled to Purali Mountain. Here Muthappan continued his triumphant journey organizing the poor and downtrodden against the hegemony of the Brahmins.

Creates Worship Places And Defeats Kings

He crossed swords with the Ottawa King and defeated him and annexed his land where he built 308 Madappuras and innumerable podikkalams thereby reinforcing his dominion over the kingdom.

He pillaged several barn houses and distributed the grains to the poor. Revolting against untouchability and isolationism, he organized the Harijans, Vannans, Thiyyas and Angolans and made them perform many religious and ritualistic duties. He summoned the high caste Brahmins to witness the event and sought their blessings to sow the seeds of a spiritual revolution.

Finally he reached Parassinikadavu and settled here.

Some Basic Information Of Muthappan Worship

It must be noted here as per some accounts Muthappan is the incarnation of Vishnu and Shiva born in Kali Yuga. Muthappan is known under varied names like Thiruvappana, Vellattam, Cheriya Muthappan, Valiya Muthappan, Ambala Muthappan, Puralimala Muthappan etc.

The worshipping place of Muthappan is called Madappura Many Madappuras are there in North Kerala. Of all such Malappurams, Parassinikadavu Madappura is the most prominent.

The person who does ‘pooja’ or the holy ritual in a Madappura is designated Madayan. The one who honors the post of Madayan is always the elder member in the ancestral home of a Thiyya community.