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Seeing Crow – Good Or Bad Luck – Crow Sound and Sighting Beliefs In Hindu Religion

Crow is associated with good luck in Hindu religion. It is believed that seeing crow before journey or crow making sound around house will change the bad luck to good luck. Crow sitting near a tree in the house and making sound during morning hours is a sign that there will be visitors in the house.

Seeing crow sitting on cow, cow dung or in a tree with green leaves while starting journey is auspicious. It is believed that the person will be blessed with mouthwatering dishes during the journey and there will be success and fulfillment of the journey purpose.

Seeing crow carrying leaves or sticks or twigs or clothes or metal or rope is considered good. Such a person will be blessed with profit, property gains, lottery luck and money gains.

Crow making unusual sound for longer period near house or window is associated with disease or problems in family through death or accident.

Crow sitting on the north side of the house and making sound means there will be early cure to health problems in the family.

Crow sitting on the south side is bad luck and sign of death.

Crow sitting on east side and making sound is associated with desire fulfillment and luck in money matters.

Crow sitting on west side is associated with good relationship and marriage.