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Repentance – Sorry - I Was Wrong Are Magical Words To Solve Relationship Issues

Sorry, I was wrong are four magical words that can solve a huge number of human problems. It can also save many relationships and many situations.

We all make mistakes and the right way to correct it is by not repeating the mistakes and by repenting. Through repentance, we are able to get back the blessings of God. We mend relationships and we are relieved of remorse.

Repentance helps in unburdening the results of bad deeds. The bad karma of our sins and mistakes will not follow us from birth to birth.

We should also know what bad deeds are. Those intentional actions of ours that hurt another living being are bad deeds. Actions performed for selfish gains, lust, desire, money, wealth, property, power etc are bad deeds.

Mere repentance will not achieve forgiveness. We should make a sincere effort to correct our mistakes.

Know that heaven and hell are on earth, your bad deeds will cause immense pain to you on earth itself. The pain will be shared by family members. It will result in you taking several births repeatedly on earth, and undergoing sufferings.

Our family and social life will be blessed with peace and prosperity when we repent and correct our mistakes.

When we say sorry to a person whom we have hurt or harmed, we are spreading the culture of love and positivity. The hurt person will be filled with anger and negativity, by repenting you are also saving the person from committing a mistake.

One of the greatest advantages of repentance is that it nullifies the thoughts of revenge.

Untoward events are unavoidable in today’s world. It sours relationships and creates rift between people. Distances between people become farther and farther. Feeling sorry and correcting mistakes keeps relationships intact.

It takes courage to say, “I was wrong, I am sorry.” Never wait for other people to approach or take lead. The courage required to say ‘I was wrong, and I am sorry’ is thousand times far more superior, greater than any form of physical courage, and daredevilry. Only a mentally and spiritually mature soul can accept mistakes and repent.

When you say sorry, you are maintaining normalcy and happiness among relatives, friends, family members, acquaintances and even strangers.

Quite often we are ready to say sorry to strangers, but not to people whom we know, friends, colleagues, relatives, neighbors and family members. This is because of ego. We feel as if we have become small by repenting. This is not true. When you say sorry, you are growing in stature. You are becoming mature. Do not bother what the other person feels or thinks. You should make sure that you are not falling in the eyes of God.

It is common to err and when you err, someone is negatively affected. When you realize the error, you should correct it.

Before going to bed, we should do self-reassessment. We should never shy away from self-correction. After reassessment, the next day correct all the errors.

Abhilash Rajendran