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How To Make Any Property Good For Building House And Other Construction?

Some properties are considered not good for building houses, shops and other constructions. As per Vastu Shastra, such properties are filled with negative energy. Negative forces occupy these properties. But there is a method to make any property good for building house and other construction.

The best option is to grow Navadhanya in the property.

The Navadhanya to be grown are wheat, rice, toor dal, chickpeas, moong beans, white beans, black sesame, Indian black lentil and horse gram.

The Navadhanya has to be grown seven times. They are not to be harvested but allowed to be eaten by animals, birds, ants and other living beings.

The Navadhanyas are associated with the Navagrahas or the nine planets. They usher in both positive energy and remove all kinds of negative energy.

When animals come and feed in the property, the life process begins. There is activity and the animals bring in lot of positive energy.

Water should be provided the property for animals and birds.

Using a portion of such a property for building house is highly meritorious.