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Life Is All About Uncertainty

If we are ready to embrace uncertainty, then life becomes an adventure. If we are not ready to accept it, then our life will be governed by fear.

Uncertainty in life is directly associated with our desires and attachment.

Anything, which is more than necessity, causes uncertainty. We develop fear of losing. Ignorance and believing unreal to be real makes matters worse.

To whom knowledge has dawned, there is no fear and there is no question of uncertainty. Such a person is constantly in a peaceful state – which is beyond past and future.

Uncertainty is associated with perishable objects. Body, fame, spouse, children, fortune, wealth, relationship, honor, status, ego…all these will one day cease to exist. However hard we try we are going to lose them one day. These are like waves in the great ocean of life. When we are ready to embrace the ocean, uncertainty ceases to exist.

He who lives in the present is never in a state of being unsure. He accepts life as it comes. He has no fear because he is following Dharma.

To face uncertainty, follow dharma, shed desires and attachment. Do your work with utmost dedication without bothering about results. Do not stagnate. Flow like a river and merge in the ocean without any hesitation.