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Life Hacks For Making Life Precious And Colorful

We all have problems like everyone else. Nobody is perfect. When we think, only we have a problem we are adding to our woes.

There are many good things in us and we should be proud of them.

Try to improve life slowly and steadily. Improving life does not mean giving away your little likes and dislikes. Bring about changes in life while enjoying life.

We cannot do everything in a day. We need to prioritize. Do not make a huge list of things. Get things done one at a time. 

10 Life Hacks for Making Life Bit More Colorful

We all lose patience. We yell. Then we feel guilty about it afterward. The only solution to this is to empathize. Just as we are not perfect, the person whom you yelled at is also not perfect. Give them a chance to change and improve.

Be a student always. Learn from failures and make an honest effort to do better next time.

We all have our successes and they are wonderful. Then we also have our equal amount of failures. Just as we celebrate our success, we should use failure as an opportunity to get the better out of us.

Have a time for reflection. May be once in a week or fortnight. Use this time to reflect on life. The direction we are headed in. It is like an assessment. Make the necessary adjustments. Figure out the important things to be done in near future.

Learn to simplify life. Give importance to what is essential. Eliminate all the non-essential.

Make gratitude a habit. It can change our life for the good. Do not be a miser when it comes to thankfulness and appreciation.

Abhilash Rajendran