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Knowledge Alone Is God – Subramania Bharati Poems

A collection of Poems of Subramania Bharati.

Ye, foolish folk, who roam about
In search of myriad fancied gods.
Have you not heard the myriad scriptures
Declare knowledge alone is God?

Why worship Bull God, Wood God, Hunter God
When you have been told that the Awareness
Which pervades the universe.
This and this alone is God?

Why stumble and fall into creeds insane?
Why not listen to the Shrutis
That say that Shiva is Pure Awareness?
The Vedas say a million forms
With a million names are manifestations
Of one sole being. But you mistake
Appearances for reality.

All states and moods are states and moods
Of one sole Shakti, Power supreme.
The highest vedantic state discovered
By the sages is shanti. Heaven is
But a good life lived here on this earth
Free from all care. Why must you think
Of rice and munch dry husk? The Self,
The light that shines within all beings.
Is the Brahman you deem inaccessible.
Why go collecting gods and stories
And spreading false beliefs? One, one
Sole Brahman is the Awareness in you.
The one eternal Brahman, the one
True Being, is the Awareness in you.