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Kannattu Kavukal In Kerala

Kannattu Kavukal are the worship places of Eruvans who are a clan that is part Maniyani community in Kerala. Maniyani community is the Yadava community of Kerala and lives mostly in northern districts of Kerala.

Kannangattu Bhagavathi is the tutelary deity of Maniyanis. The sacred groves or kavukal are the abode of Kannangattu bhagavathi and other deities associated with the Goddess.

It is believed that the first abode of Kannangattu Bhagavathi is Vayathur.

Some of the prominent Kannattu Kavukal in Kerala are located in Kotti, Karalikkara, Kokkanisseri, Fadanad, Kakkol, Kuttur, Peringam Kizhake Alakkad, Alappadamba, Ramanthali, Vellora etc.

Some of these sacred groves are spread across more than an acre. The annual festivals in these temples are very famous. 

People do not usually venture into Kannattu Kavukal. 

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