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Are You In Constant Fear Of Losing Money – Position – Social Status?

We all want to become rich. We want the high position. We want social status and respect. Once all these are attained, we live in the constant fear of losing them.

The world is unhappy because of this fear. We do not want to lose wealth and fame.

This fear is the result of ignorance. Due to this ignorance, many people are not able to enjoy what they have earned genuinely.

Money, position, social status etc are all temporary.

Daily we get an opportunity to realize this. This opportunity comes when we are in deep sleep.

In deep sleep, neither are we rich nor poor; neither are we having high position nor low position; neither are we proud of our social status nor sad about our social condition.

Money, position, social status etc are like ornaments. They are external things that we use to beautify ourselves. We wear them to get the appreciation of others. Without realizing true beauty is internal.

The Divine Spark in us is more valuable than anything that is external. Our only true light is that Divine Spark. Only it can guide us when we are abandoned, lost and disillusioned. It is the only hope.

Remove the veil of ignorance and realize That Divine Spark. Then 5 or 5 billion will be the same. We will then learn to be happy with 5 and 5 million. If we do not realize this then we will be unhappy with 5 and 5 billion.