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Akshata Homam In Hindu religion

Akshata Homam is performed during the consecration of the murtis of Vishnu, Durga and Subrahmanya in Hindu religion. The homam is performed for the completion of the murti with all its parts especially the limbs.

Akshata, vahni, ghee and water are used together in this homam.

The homa brings shudhi or cleanliness to Agni, Vayu and Akasha. The sankalpam is that of the sampathasparsham of the three elements – fire, wind and space.

Sampathasparsham of Akshata homa takes place during the Bhimbha Shuddhi.

Unakalari or dried rice which is not broken is used in Akshata homam.

The ritual is followed mainly in South India especially in Kerala during Prathishta or Punar Prathista of Bhagavathi (Durga or Devi), Vishnu and Subrahmanian (Murugan).